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Scottish independence supported by the Dutch

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Schotland has few reasons left to stay in the United Kingdom. From the Netherlands we would like to inform the British ambassador in The Hague that we support independence for Schotland.



inhabitants of the Netherlands



  • Schotland already knows quite some autonomy
  • Big countries, big problems; small countries, small problems. Join the club!
  • To have our Scottish friends in the EU will be good for the dynamics in it
  • The Netherlands does want to be a good neighbour for Schotland
  • The government of the the Scottish neighbours on the south currently is not a good neighbour for the Scottish or whoever. It chooses a glorious past as independent world empire
  • Once Scotland on the other hand is independent it is not alone and most welcome in the most important union of countries which are each quite insignificant on a global scale
  • The idea of an independent Scotland is not a whim, it has been around since long


and request

to let Scotland know many Dutch support the quest for independence for Scotland.

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